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Sunday, August 30, 2009

More buried treasure!

Just added a new treasure to my collection! This pharmacy bottle dates to sometime around the turn of the last century...

Photo by J Scott Shannon.

Not nearly as rare as my Broadway and Temple medicine bottle, but this is a much nicer specimen of its type.

Pop quiz! As you can see, the location is given as:

S.W. Cor. First & Spring

In which building in historical Los Angeles was the Godfrey & Moore pharmacy located?

EDIT: Reader "Duncan" answered correctly. It was the Hotel Nadeau. Here is the SW corner of First & Spring in the mid-1880s, when the hotel was brand spanking new:

Courtesy Los Angeles Public Library.

Today, of course, the main building of the Los Angeles Times occupies this site.



Duncan said...

can't have been in the Times bldg-- must have been in the Nadeau hotel. Was there anything on the site between the two?

J Scott Shannon said...

*ding!* That's correct! The pharmacy was in the Nadeau Hotel.

Antiqued said...

Ive come across a similar bottle. GODFREY & MOORE PHARMACISTS.101 S.SPRING,COR. 1st, LOS ANGELES. BREED W.B.M. CO.3vii What does the 3viii signify?

J Scott Shannon said...

What looks like a 3 is actually a symbol for fluid ounces; the viii means 8 in Roman numerals, so altogether it means the bottle holds 8 fluid ounces.

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