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Friday, January 1, 2010

Year of the palm?

Will 2010 be the year that I can finally tell the whole story of the Longstreet palms in West Adams? Here's hoping! I've kind of come to an impasse in my own research, unfortunately, as I do not live in the Los Angeles area and so do not have access to the libraries and archives which likely hold the answers I seek.

In the meantime, I recently obtained this unusual "double postcard" of the palms which dates to around 1907. The detail in the enlarged card is remarkable, I think. In this picture, I can distinctly see the Singleton Court gateway in the distance all the way from Adams Street.

Interesting caption on the card. Palm Drive is referred to as being "famous," and the palms "historical" for being "planted by Gen. Longstreet."

Makes me wonder when (and why) the Longstreet palms stopped being famous and became all-but-forgotten relics of Los Angeles's past.



Duncan said...

It seems that the History Channel needs to be alerted to your palms research, Scott-- I just came across an episode of a show called "Life After People", which maintains that the palms were imported to L.A. "in the 1930s."

Bradford Caslon said...

This might help.

Los Angeles Past said...

Thank you, Bradford!

AimlessInLA said...

As the author's exhaustive research shows, in this and later posts, palm trees were imported well before the 1930s. In the 1880s or thereabouts, the then-independent town of Palms also planted a number of them around the area of the old SP depot to justify the name. History Channel; Life After People....what a sad pile of garbage.

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