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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Palm pilgrimage

September, 2014, marks the centennial of the 180-year-old Hammel/Arcade Depot palm tree's transplantation to its forever home in Exposition Park, so my first visit to L.A. in two years was nicely timed.

Upon my arrival, though, I was initially alarmed to see that the ancient veteran had been the recent recipient of a rather severe trimming of its crown.

The arborists' perhaps overzealous labors left me with a nice souvenir of my palm pilgrimage, however: this shorn sheath fragment from The Oldest Living Thing in Los Angeles.

All photos © J Scott Shannon.



evansescent-city said...

I think they usually do that to palm trees when they move them. It makes it easier for them to adapt.

tovangar2 said...

Thank you Scott

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