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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Third Street, Then and Now

Third Street looking west from Spring Street, circa 1888:

Courtesy Water and Power Associates.

Up on Bunker Hill stands the ornate victorian Crocker Mansion, built in 1886. Next to it, in 1901, another old L.A. landmark would be constructed: the Angels Flight funicular railway.


The same view today:

Google Maps Street View.

The famous Bradbury Building, left, was constructed in 1893, and is now the oldest office building in Los Angeles.



marc said...

i come back to your blog, over and over; your scenes from both the postcards and photo archives are true gems, in that so often pictures of l.a.'s past are the same over and over again. your's tho' present the never known, never seeen, and/or a fresh perspective. these shots of 3rd street, bring to mind a wishful desire that we didn't spread so harshly on the past, but would want to build new and keep them amongst the old, with respect for both era's; again, thanks for your time and efforts!

J Scott Shannon said...

Thank you, Marc. I'm glad you like the content I've posted here. I do try and make it interesting!

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