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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Temple Square: Then, Then, Then & Now

Temple Square – the former junction of Main, Temple and Spring Streets – photographed from the roof of the Bella Union Hotel.


Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection.


Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection.


Link to image on Flickr.

And here is the view from the former site of the Bella Union in the present day...

Photo by J Scott Shannon.



Bill Counter said...

Great card!


Martin Turnbull said...

Wow, what a great shot! And so early. But can you tell me what a "cabinet card" is?

J Scott Shannon said...

Cabinet card is a term for a photograph mounted on a piece of stiff cardboard, usually with the name of the photographer printed on it. I really don't know the origin of the term, though.

Anonymous said...

The term cabinet card was where it was displayed not it's size. Most early CDV Cards were put in photo albums but most celebrity CDV's were put on Cabinets in plane site.

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